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About the Faustin Brothers Triology

Three brothers. Three brides. No melodramatic undead.

The Faustin brothers are natural vampires, born and raised in Brooklyn. Each receives the name of their soulmate via prophecy, then it's up to them to hunt down their brides and claim them.

The youngest, Alex, is the family romantic. He's always wanted to marry, but his human mate has no interest in marrying a monster. His story is Called by Blood.

The middle brother, irascible, workaholic Gregor, has no intention of marrying, prophecy or no prophecy. Fate has other ideas. His story is Bound by Blood.

The eldest, Mikhail, is a lonely prince. When he learns his destined bride is his arch enemy, he knows he'll be mated or dead within the month. His story is Damned by Blood.

What order do you read them in?

Each book stands alone, so don't worry too much about reading them in order. In fact, there's a little blip in the chronology of the stories as they were released, so that the events in the book released first, Called by Blood, occur after the events of book #2, Bound by Blood.

This doesn't effect the stories at all, but if you're a stickler for chronology, the sequence you should follow is Bound by Blood, Called by Blood and finally, Damned by Blood.

My goal with these stories was to write vampires that I could believe in--and more importantly, that I'd find sexy, because let's face it, vampires are basically giant parasites. The result, I hope, is a series of books that all lovers of erotic romance will enjoy, whether or not they are big vamp fans.

One of my favorite reviews of Called by Blood came from a person who was burnt out on paranormals and didn't like vampire stories in general:

"It's no secret that I took a break from paranormals ages ago....So I'm sure it'll come as a great shock to you that not only did I read a vampire paranormal romance, but I actually enjoyed it. Quite a bit..." --Holly at Book Binge

So I hope you'll give my brothers a try--and let me know what you think!

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